Helene Wickins Counselling in Carlisle and West Cumbria

Are you struggling with anxiety, stress, worry, panic attacks or feeling depressed?
Counselling could help you.

Life can sometimes feel difficult and we can all experience these feelings from time to time - and for many different reasons. This is totally normal.

In most cases, the things that cause us to feel this way resolve themselves, and we continue on with our lives.

For some of us these feelings don’t go away, and they may begin to affect other parts of our lives.
Or it may feel like they are dominating our lives completely.

These can be difficult times, and you may need some support to find a way through.
Helene Wickins, talk thereapy in Carlisle and West Cumbria

Helene Wickins has been counselling since 2007 and is a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Find out more.

Let's talk...Counselling really can help…

I am a person centred counsellor, working with people aged 11 years upwards in Carlisle and West Cumbria
I take a sensitive and compassionate approach as we work together to find a solution that works for you - I find this method to be very effective in achieving results.

Problems can arise no matter what your background, age, or personal circumstances may be. I work with a wide range of people, and talk therapy can, and does help.

Many clients speak to me initially over their anxiety, stress, worry, anger or life situations causing stress, and my role is listen and understand how you are feeling and find a way through that is right for you.

I will reflect back key things that you tell me, and sometimes I may challenge what I hear. This is to help you see your problem in a different way, and take steps towards a resolution. My entire focus during the therapy sessions is to help you come to terms with the things that are troubling you and to help you feel better within yourself - so that you can eventually move forward as a happier person.

Find out more about counselling help

You can find out a little more about counselling in Carlisle with me on the frequently asked questions page.
If you feel I can help and you’d like to arrange a free telephone consultation, please get in touch.
Helene Wickins Counselling is a BACP registered counsellor